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Twin-Horse brand launches new generation of high-quality red yeast rice foods, leading new trend of healthy food


Red yeast rice powderToday, as the health food market continues to expand, consumers have higher pursuits of food quality and health value. Recently, Twin-Horse, a well-known natural food supplier, officially launched its newly developed red yeast rice foods. This product not only inherits the unique nutritional value of traditional red yeast rice, but also reaches new heights in production technology and quality control. , providing a brand new choice for consumers who pursue a healthy life.



Twin-Horse red yeast rice foods selected the high-quality red yeast rice powder as raw material. Through the combination of modern biotechnology and traditional fermentation process, red yeast rice retains the natural active substances such as unsaturated fatty acids,polysaccharides and fibre. Twin-Horse strictly controls every process during the production process to ensure that each batch of red yeast rice foods meets the food safety standards.


In addition to strict quality control, Twin-Horse also pays special attention to the taste and ease of use of its products. The red yeast rice foods not only have  unique color and flavor but also bring healthy nutrition. 


The person in charge of the Twin-Horse brand said: "We are committed to providing consumers with the most natural and healthiest food. The launch of red yeast rice foods is the result of many years of research and efforts. We believe that through continuous innovation and persistence in quality allows more people to enjoy healthy and delicious food while also enjoying an improved quality of life."


The launch of Twin-Horse red yeast rice foods is quickly welcomed by the market. Many health food enthusiasts have begun to try and recommend this new product. Its launch not only enriches the types of health food, but also sets a new example for the modern transformation of traditional ingredients. In the future, the Twin-Horse brand will continue to be committed to developing more high-quality healthy foods to meet the needs of consumers and lead the new trend of healthy foods.