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Good news! Twin-horse Biotech has been granted a "Drug Production License", which adds another engine to its full industry chain layout


Recently, Twin-horse Biotech has had a series of good news. On May 18th, the company officially obtained a Drug Production License issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Drug Administration Bureau. At present, the production of Twin-horse red yeast rice Chinese medicine slices has been put into mass production by the company.

Good news! Twin-horse Biotech has been granted a

Twin-horse biotechnology is actively expanding its pharmaceutical research, product development, and quality system construction throughout the entire product lifecycle. After a comprehensive review by the Zhejiang Provincial Drug Administration Bureau, Twin-horse biotechnology has established a sound quality system for its production line of Chinese medicine slices, including the quality system, plant and workshop environment, building and equipment management system, laboratory control system, and production management system. The company has passed the GMP compliance inspection and audit by the Zhejiang Provincial Drug Administration Bureau and has been granted an AY-class drug production license. Obtaining the "Drug Production License" signifies that Twin-horse biotechnology's professional qualifications and abilities have obtained authoritative recognition from national regulatory agencies, indicating a significant milestone in the company's development road and marking a big step forward for future industrialization.


Good news! Twin-horse Biotech has been granted a

Chairman Feng Jianping stated that pursuing high-quality development is a powerful instruction for China's economy in the 20th National Congress Report. By integrating the red yeast rice industry chain layout, Twin-horse biotechnology has successfully opened up long-term growth space. With its outstanding long-term R&D capabilities, the company has mastered various core technologies for formula and processing, and built a long-term core competency. The company is currently firmly in the top tier of the red yeast rice industry. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in innovative research and development, focus on talent training, strengthen brand building, create a world-class full industry chain supply chain platform, and rely on channel and brand advantages to continuously improve market share, steadily advance into national markets and gradually improve global layout.