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The 13th Annual Ceremony of Red Yeast Rice Culture Festival was grandly opened.


The 13th China Red Yeast Rice Culture Annual Ceremony opened grandly at the Hengdian World Studios in China on November 2, 2023. Witnessed by nearly 3,000 Red Yeast Rice Culture promotion volunteers from all over the country and audiences watching through live broadcasting on the internet, the event was attended by a gathering of leaders, enterprise representatives, authoritative experts, numerous media personnel, and domestic and international figures from various fields. Among the distinguished attendees were Feng Jianping, Chairman of Twin Horse Biology; Professor Zhou Liping from Zhejiang University of Technology; Zhou Haimeng, Dean of the Tsinghua Long Triangle Research Institute and Professor at the School of Life Sciences of Tsinghua University; Xu Fengping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shouchang Town, Jiande City; Ren Qiqing, President, and Feng Chao, General Manager of Twin Horse Biology; Wang Xingchu, Director of the Red Culture Research Institute; Ni Li, Professor and doctoral supervisor at Fujian Provincial Association of Food Science and Technology and Fuzhou University; Professor Lv Xucong, also a doctoral supervisor and Dean of the School of Life Sciences at Zhejiang University of Technology; Professor Zhang Lin, Director and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Biopharmaceuticals at Zhejiang University of Technology; Assistant Professor Xia Pengguo, Associate Dean of the School of Life Sciences and Medicine at Zhejiang University of Technology; Professor Xia Dahai, Chief Expert of the China Aerospace Achievements Transformation Center, Honorary Director and Chief Consultant of the International Academician Union in the Long Triangle; Wang Xingchu, Director of the Red Culture Research Institute at Twin Horse Biology; Yu Guozhong, National Committee Member of the Emergency Medicine Specialized Committee of the Chinese Medical Association and Deputy Director of the Integrative Medicine Branch of the Shanghai Society of Critical Care Medicine; Wang Jianxi, member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and First-class Calligrapher; Chen Henian, Chairman of Liaoning Shanyitang Wuxing Culture Media Co., Ltd. and founder of Traditional Chinese Medicine Five-Element Health Preservation; Yuan Jianlin, Chairman of Hangzhou Guokang New Retail Co., Ltd.; as well as Zhang Yilong, Deputy General Manager, and Zhong Meijun, Marketing Director of Twin Horse Biology, among other relevant leaders and representatives.




"Let the world understand red yeast rice and let red yeast rice benefit the world." With the grand opening announcement of the 13th China Red Culture Festival Annual Ceremony by Mr. Ren Qiqing, President of Hangzhou Twin Horse Biology Technology Co., Ltd., a magnificent event combining achievement exhibitions, economic and trade cooperation, cultural promotion, and large-scale cultural performances commenced amidst the chorus of "Singing to the Motherland." The event, held at Yuanming New Park, radiated brilliance and splendor in the sky above.




During the event, representatives who have made significant contributions to the promotion of red yeast rice culture were honored with the "China Red Yeast Rice Culture Ambassador" and "China Red Yeast Rice Culture Promotion Contribution Award" trophies. Outstanding red yeast rice culture centers from across the country were also awarded the title of "China Red Yeast Rice Culture Key Promotion Unit." The ceremony included the torch relay for the China Red Yeast Rice Culture Festival and a declaration was made by Mr. Liang Yonggan, representative of the bidding unit for the 14th China Red Yeast Rice Culture Festival, on behalf of Jiaxing Market.



The stage of the 13th China Red Yeast Rice Culture Festival Annual Ceremony served as a platform to showcase research achievements in red yeast rice, enhance industry interaction, and share technological innovations. It was also a platform for inheriting the wisdom of our ancestors, revitalizing red yeast rice culture, and benefiting public health. This grand event has effectively promoted the integration of research, education, and industry in the field of red yeast rice, contributing to the significant development of China's healthcare industry.