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Twin-Horse Biotechnology participated in the 20th Health Industry Expo in 2023


On March 26th, the grand opening of the "20th Health Industry Expo 2023" was held at the Shandong International Exhibition Center. As an annual event for exchange and collaboration between academia, industry, and research in the health industry, more than 400 companies exhibited their new products and projects, showcasing the strong recovery momentum of the health industry after three years of pandemic and transformation.


The exhibited products at the expo covered a wide range of health product categories, including health supplements, specialty dairy products, agricultural products, medicinal food, health devices, and small home appliances. As a leading company in the red yeast rice industry, Twin-Horse Biotechnology showcased its star products at the expo, attracting a large number of visitors and receiving high praise.


The Health Industry Expo serves as a window to gain insights into the current status and trends of the entire health industry. This year's exhibition showed that the health industry has experienced a strong recovery and expansion towards both food and traditional Chinese medicine, indicating that the industry will become even broader in the future, with greater market potential.


During the two-day exhibition, Twin-Horse Biotechnology's booth attracted a lot of attention from visitors, industry professionals, and consumers. The company showcased its 23-year development achievements, which included integrated development throughout the entire industry chain such as rice planting bases and red yeast rice cultural industrial parks. The company also displayed sophisticated product packaging, outstanding product quality, and professional business strategies, showcasing the charm of combining tradition and innovation. This allowed a broad range of customers to experience the unique appeal of Twin-Horse Biotechnology.


Twin-Horse Biotechnology participated in the 20th Health Industry Expo in 2023